Invisalign® Clear Braces in Sewickley, PA

Teeth straightening has been an uncomfortable process in the past, requiring cumbersome metal braces with brackets and wires that frequently broke, irritated the gums, and were unattractive. Fortunately, most individuals can now use clear aligners to straighten their teeth comfortably and conveniently.

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign is a patented system of clear braces that gently guide your teeth into their proper place using plastic trays that fit snugly over them. You switch to a new set of aligner trays every two weeks as the teeth move incrementally into their new positions. With Invisalign, correcting gaps, crowding, or misaligned teeth can be done without impacting your social life and without limitations on what you eat.

The Convenience of Clear Aligners

Traditional bracket and wire braces were unattractive, irritated the gums, and were difficult to clean. People with metal braces had to stop eating many foods they loved to avoid damaging their braces.

Invisalign clear braces do away with these limitations. These clear aligners are virtually invisible, so you can confidently smile when wearing them. You remove the aligners to eat without avoiding even hard or crunchy foods. Brushing your teeth is also easy – just remove the aligner, brush your teeth, and pop your aligner back in place.

Why Choose Franklin Park Dental for Invisalign®?

Dr. Bakshi is an experienced Invisalign provider. At the initial appointment, she takes X-rays and 3D images of the teeth and gums to create a treatment plan and design a customized set of clear aligners for the patient to wear over several months. She monitors each Invisalign patient during this time to ensure their aligners do their job. Her attention to detail and focus on combining aesthetic and functional goals while straightening teeth ensures superior results.

Invisalign® Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone get Invisalign Clear Aligners?

If you are in good health and need mild to moderate correction of misaligned or crooked teeth, you should get excellent results with Invisalign®. For successful use of clear aligners, you must wear them 20-22 hours daily, removing them only to eat, brush, and floss. We do not recommend clear braces for patients who grind their teeth, as this can interfere with the performance of the aligners.

Are Invisalign Clear Aligners made of plastic?

Yes, they are made of a specially designed, proprietary thermoplastic called SmartTrack™. This lightweight material is transparent, biocompatible, and hypoallergenic.

How long does it take for Invisalign to work?

The time it takes to get results varies from person to person, depending on how severe the misalignment. It takes 12-18 months for most patients, which is less time than traditional braces. Keep in mind that it is essential to wear the aligners for 20-22 hours a day for them to work effectively. It will take longer if you leave them out for significant lengths of time.

Is there any pain when using Invisalign clear braces?

There is some mild discomfort or aching when you switch from one set of aligners to the next, but it is not painful. Most individuals describe it as a gentle ache that resolves within a day or two.

Will my dental insurance pay for Invisalign?

It depends on your policy terms and limitations. Some dental policies cover part or all of Invisalign. We will work with your insurance provider and get pre-authorization if needed, working with your insurance company to maximize any benefits you may have.

Can I take my clear aligners out for sports or special occasions?

Absolutely! One of the many advantages of Invisalign is that you can remove the aligner trays and use a mouthguard during contact sports to protect your teeth. If you don’t have to wear a mouthguard, you can leave your aligner in without worrying about brackets or wires cutting your gums or lips. For special occasions such as a wedding, prom, or a presentation at work, you can remove your aligner and put it back in place at the end of the event.

How do I clean my clear braces?

We recommend cleaning clear aligners with a gentle, liquid soap and water to remove bacteria and plaque. You can also soak the aligner briefly in a denture-cleaning solution. We do not recommend using toothpaste, as the abrasiveness can scratch the aligners.

Occasionally, aligners may stain if you drink a lot of coffee, tea, or smoke while wearing the aligner trays. If this happens, soak them for 15-20 minutes in a solution of equal parts warm water and hydrogen peroxide, repeating until the aligners are stain-free.

If you are interested in Invisalign® clear aligners for yourself or your teen, please get in touch with our office at Franklin Park Dental Phone Number 412-364-5252 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bakshi.